A quiz that delivers more customer engagement and more customer data. Our breakthrough Style Preference Quiz enables retailers to capitalize on existing website investments by capturing visitors who typically navigate through a store’s site and depart without leaving a calling card.

Site visitors have a pleasant experience that keeps them on there longer. Taking the Quiz and receiving our post-quiz Personalized Product Recommendations helps consumers overcome the most significant obstacle in home furnishings purchases—fear of making a costly decorating mistake.

Customers feel more confident and more attached to your brand. Understanding the language of style and learning their preferences helps remove anxiety and build interest in the store’s brand as a voice of authority in the marketplace.

The Quiz and the Recommendations are intuitive, insightful and accurate. They grab and hold site visitors ’attention, enabling retailers to establish a relationship built on trust and loyalty.


DesignCliqs numbers tell the tale: Thanks to our research and working relationships with Top 100 retailers across the country, we know there’s a significant correlation between Style Quiz registrants and purchasing. In fact, nearly 25 percent of post-quiz registrants will purchase from the retailer with three months, and one in three registrants will purchase within 12 months with a sales ticket 31% higher than the store average.