About DesignCliq

Founded by home furnishings industry veteran Fred Starr to help high-performance furniture retailers realize the potential of internet marketing, the DesignCliq family of applications captures and engages consumers through a series of Style Preference Quizzes tested and proven to increase ROI with Top 100 retailers across the country.

DesignCliq Staff

Fred Starr, president and founder of DesignCliq, is an accomplished C-level executive who is known throughout the home furnishings industry as a visionary leader with a proven track record of success building powerhouse brands. During his tenure as president and chief executive of Thomasville Furniture, Fred tripled the size of the company to more than half-a-billion dollars with commensurate profits. He has served as president and chief executive of Natuzzi Americas, as well as two internet marketing companies focused on connecting home furnishings retailers with consumers prior to launching the ground-breaking DesignCliq concept. Fred serves on numerous boards for causes he cares about in his community, as well as the state of North Carolina. He remains true to his career-long mission: To create significant new opportunities for retailer success.

Lynn Courtade, DesignCliq’s director of creative content, has spent a lifetime connecting with and understanding the needs of designers and consumers. An accomplished interior designer and former retailer who has owned and operated to-the-trade showrooms in the New York, Atlanta and High Point Markets catering to leading department stores, independent retailers and catalog houses, Lynn brings a trend-forecaster’s eye for style to the DesignCliq team, along with a designer’s unique ability to develop and promote each of our customers’ unique brand images.

Kimberley Wray is an award-winning business writer and marketing strategist who has worked behind the scenes for major change and transformation in the furniture industry for more than two decades. An experienced wordsmith who couples her in-depth understanding of the needs of consumers, retailers and manufacturers with a passion to see our industry innovate and adapt, Kim specializes in producing persuasive messaging that moves readers and positions DesignCliq’s customers as authorities in their marketplaces.