iStock_000021236647SmallLonging to create a space you’ll love to come home to, but unsure where to begin?

We asked our talented design team to share their suggestions for making any decorating project easy, enjoyable and beautifully successful.

The first step is to identify the space you want to improve. That may sound obvious, but if you have multiple projects in mind, it helps to prioritize your dreams and desires. Otherwise, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the amazing choices available today.

If you’ve got a list of decorating projects to tackle, our experts suggest beginning with the room in which you spend the most time with family and friends. (Their compliments will give you a great sense of accomplishment!)

Once you’ve identified where you would like to begin, gather basic measurements. Using a tape measure and a small ruler, mark off the overall dimensions of your space on a sheet of graph paper. Include any architectural details such as windows, doors, a fireplace mantle or built-in cabinetry, along with the measurements of each.

iStock_000013249823SmallDon’t be too concerned about your drawing skills here; the idea is to create a simple diagram of the room. Make your measurements as accurate as you can and include any large, existing pieces that you expect to remain in the room, like a grandfather clock or a piano.

Next, if you have a smart phone with a built-in camera, take some shots of your space and anything you want to change. Together with your diagram, your photos will give our associates the details they require to help you create an overall plan when you visit our store.

For more ideas on starting a decorating project, see our blog post “Beginning With the End in Mind.”

We look forward to seeing you!