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Find your Mattress Comfort Style?

Our 10-question Mattress Comfort Quiz is fast, fun, free, and all about you.

Answer a few fun questions that reveal a lot about your lifestyle and personal traits. Then you'll receive a complete mattress comfort level analysis and an individualized assortment of mattress choices. It’s all about you!

It's that easy. There's no other mattress comfort assessment like this anywhere – and you're going to love it.

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It's nap time, where do you go?

lying on red couch
four silk pillows stacked
Pillows on Floor
brown leather recliner
Comfortably soft bed
My Bed
« BackQuestion 2 of 10

A perfect night's sleep means...

Sleeping brunette
Warm & Cozy
Sleeping black woman
Blonde white girl with clock
7-8 Hours
Brunette relaxing
Pleasant Dreams
« BackQuestion 3 of 10

A relaxing experience would be...

Blond smiling in spa
Spa Massage
Listening to music
Listen to Music
Walking on the beach
Walk on a Beach
Drinking water after workout
« BackQuestion 4 of 10

Time for lights out, you fall asleep...

Redhead sleeping in fetal position
Fetal Position
Laying in bed smiling
Blonde sleeping in bed with no cover
Brunette sleeping in silk pajamas
« BackQuestion 5 of 10

Describe your body type.

petite body
medium body
large body
plus body
Plus Size
« BackQuestion 6 of 10

Which says comfort?

open field
Picnic Blanket
Pool Float
Raft in Pool
White fluffy clouds
Fluffy Clouds
Dog sleeping on couch
Cozy Chair
« BackQuestion 7 of 10

My morning mood is...

Angry Brunette
Smiling female doctor
Planning for picture
« BackQuestion 8 of 10

Who's been sleeping in my bed?

Sleeping in bed
Admiring significant other
And my Partner
Family cuddling in bed
And the Kids
Couple in bed
Guest Room
« BackQuestion 9 of 10

When I get out of bed, I feel...

Back pain
Brushing Teeth
Ready to Go
Shaving Beard
« BackQuestion 10 of 10

Where was your last great night's sleep?

Neatly made bed
Vacation Rental
Friends hugging
Family Visit
Breakfast in bed
My Bed
Room service

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Mattress Comfort Accessories - for Extra Comfort!



As you consider your Mattress Comfort Quiz preferences, compatible Pillows will provide important, added comfort support. We sleep in different positions and combining the right pillow with the right mattress is the key to good, healthy sleep.


Power Adjustable Foundations

Your Mattress Comfort Quiz results show that you love to relax in bed for both enjoyment and better health. Combining a Power Adjustable Foundation with a compatible mattress option will give you a whole new level of comfort and support.

Comforters and Sheets

Comforters and Sheets

You can top off your Mattress Comfort selection with the best in comforters and sheets. Proper temperature and moisture flow are great contributors to great sleep. Having the right materials and construction in your comforter and sheets will provide comfortable, healthy sleeping, night after night.

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